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Can you feel a bed bug bite?

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Aug 18 2008 11:24:30

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    I think I have bed bugs. About three days ago I started feeling little pricks which were followed by a small red welt (about the size of a pin head). The first two days the bites weren't happening that often. On the third day, I felt them all day and when I went to bed that night it was awful! I laid there getting bit and scratching for 20 minutes before my husband turned on the light to see what was going on. I was covered in little red itchy bumps and I think that whatever it was got in my nails when I scratched and spread it. I got up took a shower (which made me feel better) took some benadryl which knocked me out and I went to sleep. In the morning I had no bumps. That day every now and then I felt a few bites that were followed by the welt and itchiness but I tried not to scratch and carried on with my day. When I went to bed last night the same thing happened. I got up took a benadryl only this time it didn't really work, the only thing it did was make me sleepy enough to dose off and ignore the bites. I called Orkin today to try and get some one over to see if I had bed bugs and she said that I wouldn't be able to feel the bites so I don't have bed bugs. She thinks I have dust mites and need to thoroughly clean the house and change the filters. I still think I have bed bugs. Does anyone that forsure knows they have bed bugs feel a little prick (not really painful more annoying) when they get bit? Also my husband isn't getting bit at all, just me.

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