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Can Bedbugs enter through windows or cracks in building?

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  1. CSlandlord

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Oct 24 2012 10:33:00

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    Do bedbugs enter a house by human or pet transfer (i.e. clothes, packages, luggage etc.) or could they enter by themselves through openings in building?

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Oct 24 2012 11:12:59

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    I think I read in the FAQs where they can move into structures. I.e. you leave a mattress propped up against a house near a window. Or, one poster talked about how her landlord had brought over porch furniture that ended up being infested. It's more common that they come in "on stuff" then humans or pets directly.

    Bumping for an expert to weigh in.

    = TAOT
  3. Koebner

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Oct 24 2012 13:23:48

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    Depends on the building. I lived in a 19th century terraced (row) house that was thrown up to accommodate a great influx of labourers to my city. It wasn't well built in the first place, with shared joists & schonky internal brickwork, permitting access for pests from one house to another.

    The house next to my home was owned by a rapacious & incompetent landlord who preferred to get new tenants than to do any maintenance on his property. He'd promise that everything would be sorted out before tenants moved in, then once they'd signed the lease he had them over a barrel & did nothing.

    He also refused to do any pest control. No big surprise then, that when his impoverished tenants began busking with bug bombs & OTC aerosols, all they managed to do was to infest their adjoining neighbours with bed bugs, in addition to the mice that property had been gifting us for years.

    In apartment blocks, bugs can move between units via shared ducting for ventilation, plumbing, etc & in many contemporary system-built properties, there are even more ways for them to move between units.

    Obviously, subdivided houses present a risk of bugs moving from one unit to another - as far as the bugs are concerned, there is no difference between spreading from one room of a large house to another, & spreading from one subdivision to another. The same kind of risk applies within hotels, dorms, etc.

    Furnishings are another mode of introduction. For example, never buy furniture from outlets that offer to dispose of your old furniture - if they've got a buggy sofa rattling about in the back of their truck, your new armchair could arrive with bugs.

    Pet transfer is not a likely scenario - bed bugs aren't like fleas; they don't live on their hosts but nearby, coming out only to feed. Though in some circumstances they will take an opportunistic feed from pets, they're adapted to feed on humans.

    The important thing is to act quickly & appropriately to eradicate any BB problem. This site's FAQs will give you a more comprehensive understanding of risk & of BBs themselves.

    As a landlord, it is vitally important that you understand the problem & how to deal with it. The Resources page may contain legal information relevant to your area;

    Remember though, evicting tenants doesn't mean evicting bed bugs, however the bugs may have arrived Indeed, without a food source, it can be very hard to eradicate a BB problem - they simply go dormant in the absence of prey.

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