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Bugs at the office

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  1. bkbuggy

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Oct 23 2011 16:27:53

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    We didn't quite believe my colleague when she came out of a (really short) interview and said that she had seen bugs crawling on the candidate, the young man who had been sitting on the sofa in our waiting area for 15 minutes, who sat in her office on a chair for 5 minutes, because - well, it just sounded kind of crazy.

    So started the cycle of denial, panic, and fear. It couldn't have been bed bugs, right? We had all read about bed bug infestations in public places - like movie theaters, but had never heard of a person carrying bugs on them, lice - yes, but bed bugs? But an inspection of the sofa where he had been sitting and a trip to the internet confirmed our worst fears. Why on earth would someone show up for a job interview crawling with bed bugs? Seriously...

    Now trying to find a PCO at 6pm on a weeknight who would come out and do a same day inspection, and eradication - proved impossible. It turned out the one company willing to do it - was not certified by DEC to handle pesticides - so, cooler heads prevailed and we decided to go with a company that could come in the next day and had what seemed to me a sensible treatment plan - an inspection, two treatments two weeks apart, and follow up for 6 months. Completely freaked out, we bagged all of the "emergency" suit jackets that people had left in the office, and left.

    I headed straight for the gym - where I had my boyfriend meet me with clean clothes, bagged everything I had on at the office, showered, and went home. I do realize now that this was probably overkill.

    Fast forward - the next day (Friday) the PCO found 3 bed bugs - around the sofa, but nowhere else (it's a 1,000SF mostly loft like space - sofa was in the middle next to a wall). They vacuumed, sealed, and used DE. I am terrified to go back to the office, I realize that this is a bit irrational, but from reading the forums and from talking with friends who have had bed bugs at home - the thought of them still being at the office and bringing them home is giving me nightmares. Thoughts? Words of wisdom?


  2. blargg

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Oct 23 2011 18:11:06

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    You don't have any pictures of the specimen(s) in question, do you?

    If it is bed bugs:
    Typically, throwing away furniture is not necessary, but let me just ask this: is the sofa of great value? Perhaps it would help to pitch the sofa in the end.

    Also, you said the pco "sealed." What do you mean by that? A sofa cover?

    These are words from a non-expert. Anyway, a picture would be beneficial to everyone here.

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