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  1. JWhiteBBCTV

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Fri Apr 10 2009 11:35:43

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    I was going to post this a while ago but hesitated and never got back around to it. Those of you regulars may have noticed that "Bugologist" hasn't posted in the forums in a while. I have been, get it, "I" have been.

    For a long time I wanted to be viewed as an unbiased expert on the forum (and still do!) so I kept my identity quiet and hidden behind "Bugologist" (although some did figure it out). Once some people know about associations with companies, they start to become skeptical about the information you're providing because they think you have business motives behind your words. I feel like that over the years of posting as Bugologist, people who did know who I was have learned that I truly try to remain unbiased and a true expert and professional at what I do. Even though the companies I work for may use the products I say are the "best" or one of the best, if another product is out there that is comparable I haven't hesitated to promote it (i.e. MattressSafe encasements, we don't use them but I have never spoken negatively about them because they are a good encasement).

    So the nickname Bugologist may have seen it's last days but I'm still around even though you may not see the name. JWhiteBBCTV = Bugologist

  2. BBcoukHome

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Fri Apr 10 2009 12:19:36

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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome out of hiding.

    It is almost natural human behaviour nowadays for people to see commercial and be sceptical. Thankfully I think posting history has shown that there are a few of us who care enough about what we do to give advise that is as informative and unbiased as we can.

    I have found this a lot with the media in the UK and has actually resorted to answering those style of questions with I appreciate that it is unusual but in a culture of "stiff upper lip" and "we are far to middle class to have such things" we don't have the luxury of advocates such a bedbugger and NYvsBedBugs. I would love nothing more than to have an independent bed bug czar but its not likely to happen considering I have been requesting it since 2003.

    Keep up the good work and try not to suffer from split personality disorder again.


  3. Nobugsonme

    your host
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    Posted 9 years ago
    Fri Apr 10 2009 14:04:03

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    Glad you have made that leap!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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