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HI-RES MACRO LENS PICTURES [a: book lice, spider, headless parasitic wasp]

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  1. ScaredOfSleep

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sat Jul 15 2017 19:43:03

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    We found a bed bug at our place a couple weeks ago and have had two treatments since. I have not found any adults or anything but I keep finding these tiny little bugs on my bed I've never noticed before. Could these be nymphs?

    A couple of them look the same but the second photo is a weird one, I felt something on my leg and kicked it and that fell off my leg, left a little blood on my sheet. I know it's a little crushed but maybe an expert can confirm it is or isn't a bed bug based on the legs?

    The fourth photo I am also wondering about as it doesn't look like the others either.

    If an expert could confirm any of these it would be great! I just want to try and get some sleep again!


  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sat Jul 15 2017 23:28:56

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    Several of them look like psocids or book lice. See this FAQ: Bed bugs or book lice? which explains how you can easily tell them from bed bug nymphs based on the shape of the head.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sun Jul 16 2017 3:58:50

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    Confirming pscocids and what appears to be a spider.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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  4. loubugs

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sun Jul 16 2017 7:10:38

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    Booklice, remains of a spider, not sure what this one is, a headless parasitic wasp. Nothing to worry about.

    Professional entomologist/arachnologist. I consult on all matters dealing with insects and arachnids, including those of natural history and biology to pest management and forensic entomology investigations.

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