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Blood Stains on Pillow

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  1. dunnoifBB

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Oct 28 2010 13:45:34

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    So, just when I start to relax and think I am mistaken (thinking we never had them), I find blood spots on my husbands pillow. I also found one on the top sheet the other day. All of this is on my husband's side of the bed.

    But, today I woke up and there were blood spots all over my husband's pillow. He gets really bad razor burn and has other skin issues. So, I am hoping it is caused by one of the. The spots I found today range from pin prick sized, about 4-5 of those, to a couple that are 1mm and 2mm. With there being that many I am hoping it has to be something else, not BBs. They are not all at the same spot on his pillow. And, some have like yellow seepage around them. So, again, it makes me think he was just bleeding. It was not BRIGHT red, but it was red blood. Something David said on a post was that red blood means something was bleeding.

    If anyone wants to add opinions, please do, I can always need it.

  2. Richard56

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Oct 29 2010 9:39:59

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    My opinion is the same as the opinions you've been getting from others over the last month -- that you are probably OK and do not have bed bugs. The fact that you keep posting basically the same questions over and over again tell me that you are needlessly obsessing. I've been there done that, so this is not a criticism simply an observation.

    (1)Several PCO's have already told you that you don't have bed bugs. (2) You haven't seen any concrete evidence such as fecal stains, specimens or cast skins. (3) You've tried ClimbUps on some of your beds and no bed bugs. (BTW did you try ClimbUps on your bed? Several suggestions have been made how to accomplish that even if your bed doesn't fit in them)

    Blood on pillow and mattress can have other reasons than bed bugs, but you already know that. The same with bite marks.

    If still uncertain, call in the dogs (with visual verification) and/or get some passive monitors like David's BBAlert Passive.

    At some point you have to trust knowledge/logic over fear or the fear of bed bugs will take over your life.


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