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Bites on thighs and lower back

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  1. Rengland

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 26 2009 9:46:29

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    I've just watched a video on the internet where an expert describes bug bites.
    My bad ones are in groups of three and four. (I know that you cannot diagnose bed bugs just from bites) Although I have one or two seperate bites on my arms and legs, the clusters are on my thighs and back. The are localised bites and in a cluster seperated by about an inch.
    They are intentsely itchy and there is an achy painn, a kind of aching from them, however I have always had allergies to bites of all kinds and my doctor says that allergies to bites can cause intense itching and moderate pain.

    My question is on the video this expert says that the majority of bed bug bites occur on parts of the body not covered by sheets, for instance, the neck and arm and top of chest. Although I have had bites on my arms, the main clusters are on the thighs and lower back. Can you get bed bug cluster bites on the lower back thigh area? Or is it like the expert says on the video unlikely?
    I have seen my doctor and he believes they are bites and a reaction to being bitten by something. They don't match any other allergy or skin disorder to him.

  2. bugfreebed

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 26 2009 14:14:33

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    Bed bugs can bite any where they tend to be lazy and feed on the nearest available skin so some of it matters on how you sleep tight sheets fully clothed naked ......... start to inspect the room carefully save samples if you find something that your unsure of .

  3. DougSummersMS

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 26 2009 16:18:42

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    I agree with Bugfreebed... bed bugs are opportunistic, but I wouldn't rule them out based on the location of the marks.

    Your descriptions of the marks & symptoms are consistent with bed bug bites.

    You are correct that we cannot diagnose a bed bug bite from the appearance of the wounds.

    Capturing a specimen for identification is usually the best approach to locate the source... Get some clear packing tape & a good light source.

    Check out the FAQs & the links page for tips on collecting specimens... You could try some of the inexpensive passive monitors like the Climb Up Interceptor or BBAlert, in addition to a manual search.

    Here is a link to a Texas A&M article on diagnosing unexplained bite marks

    Or check out page ten of the Cornell IPM guidelines (listed on the links page) for a list of common indoor biting pests.

    A K9 team can help you rule in or out the presence of bed bugs, if you are unable to locate a specimen on your own.

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