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Bites four days after 2nd treatment. PCO thinks I'm certified crazy

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  1. amanda2040

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Feb 27 2012 13:51:33

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    We had BBs on our couch, two recliners and a few on my bed frame that I never noticed until the PCO said he found them. He treated the whole house on 2.6 and we did everything he asked us to do to get ready for it. Treatment night I had no bites, no bites Tuesday, woke up with over 50 bites (I stopped counting) on my neck, collar bone, shoulder area and 10-15 up my upper thighs. I never saw any bugs so I tried my luck again with the couch and got 10 bites on my elbow and forearm. I put covers on my mattress and pillow and did laundry all over again. I avoided the couch for a few days and was going to start sitting in the recliner that had BBs. My dad had used a blanket and had laid it on the couch for our pet and transferred them back to his chair....which upset me a great deal. I avoided all chairs and couch for a week and a half. The PCO treated the house last Thursday 2.22 and he did his inspection again and said he found places where the BBs had been living but no live bugs. He treated the recliners and couch heavily but not the rest of the house since no bites have occurred elsewhere. He said he treated with what was used for large rooms in hotels and since our house is on the small side it was like a haze in here. I avoided the couch until Saturday 2.25. I laid on it with a hoodie and capris and nothing. Sunday 2.26 I sat on it for several hours with capris and a hoodie and even laid on it. It was also the first time I was on it after midnight. Checked for bites and shook clothes out and went to bed "clean." Woke up this morning with four bites on my lower back and one on my side. PCO said to call him if I was bit because I shouldn't with what he sprayed (don't know the chemical name). Called him before posting this and explained everything to him and he said he's never had to treat again after using what he did and asked if I had fleas. I've had fleas before and these are not fleas!! He said he wasn't calling me crazy because he didn't want to say they weren't in the couch when they were or vice versa but it was hard to believe with absolutely no live bugs. I told him we haven't found any live bugs since before the first treatment. He said the earliest they could treat would be next Monday which I figured. He also said he'd hate to just spray the couch and they're somewhere else. I understand all of that but I haven't been bit for going on two weeks until I sit on the couch and bam! I go through my bed every single night and have seen absolutely nothing. I sit on the couch and see absolutely nothing but wake up with the bites. The recliner is apparently bug free because my dad has not been bit since two days before treatment and my mom and brother do not react to the bites. I know I'm crazy but not that crazy...I don't think. I even ripped the back off the couch and had it all open so he could spray everywhere and he even sprayed in the zipped off areas and zipped them back up. Maybe I'm over reacting but the bites swell to the size of a half dollar and HURT! I just want my life back but apparently I'm insane. Any ideas on what to do?? I don't know how I can get farther in the couch unless I cut the cushions open with a knife and sadly I'm open to that. I'm going to have him treat on Monday but I still feel helpless.

    Sorry for any misspellings or typos...I'm on my phone.

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