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Bites and still on vacation

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  1. Laurasolfa

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Sat Nov 4 2017 19:59:54

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    We are in vacation in Florida and both my sister and her husband woke up day 3 with bites on their legs only. My brother in law sleeps without a shirt and no bites there. We checked the rooms on check in and the hotel staff have sent two trained employees to check. No one has found anything. Do these look like bites? Any recommendations with what to do before we so l go home?

  2. thirdusername

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Sun Nov 5 2017 0:01:52

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    Where's the picture?

    Look at these pics:

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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