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Bites after treatment

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Tue Dec 5 2017 23:22:04

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    I had my first treatment a week ago (Nov 27th) and I did not get any bites until today..
    I found 2 dead adult bedbugs after the treatment and have not found any since.
    I was bitten everyday before the treatment and because I wasn't bitten for a week after the treatment I thought I was safe until today morning. I searched my bed but found nothing.
    Is it possible that it's the nymph that hatched after the treatment that's biting me?
    Is it normal to get bites after a week of treatment?

    Or could it be possible that bedbugs are coming from my neighbour? She's getting her forth treatment tomorrow so I got worried that bedbugs from her apartment might come into my apartment

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