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Bedbugs still present after 2nd treatment heading into 3rd

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  1. Nychelp

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Mon Oct 9 2017 20:35:41

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    Hey guys, feeling really upset and scared,

    So I’ve been lurking here for the past two months or so. I discovered my apartment had Ben bugs in July. We have gone through the normal process of bagging everything up and had two treatments. I have also dusted all three bedrooms, unfortunately a heat treatment isn’t offered by our exterminator.

    Only two of the three of us have reactions to bedbugs and the other person says they haven’t been bitten. Before the second treatment I hadn’t had a bite in about 14 days, then right after the treatment I received 3 bites, the person at the exterminator said it was not unusual for there to still be bugs after the first treatment that the second treatment would kill.

    So now we’re on the eve of the third treatment and I wake up to find a bug having recently fed on me after another 14 days of nothing. No additional signs and no bites.

    I’m so upset, I thought we were making headway but I am overcome with stress and fear.

    Does this sound normal to anyone or am I going to be forced to live with them forever?

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