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Bedbugs in major appliances, specifically fridge

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  1. rjp

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Sep 4 2013 10:43:44

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    We were having a discussion about this at work because we were talking about getting a used fridge for the office. I would suspect that a fridge, since it generates heat with the compressor and also vibrates, would not be an ideal harboring place for bbs to be hiding, but I would like an expert's opinion, please.

    Even if we buy a new fridge, there was some concern about the delivery truck - if delivery people removed appliances from an infested house/office and your new fridge was on the truck, would they be likely to move to the new appliance? (I don't know if the new ones are wrapped in plastic or cardboard) I realize that's probably a less than one in five million chance of the new one getting infested, but again, I wanted to know what the experts think. Thank you.

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Sep 4 2013 11:58:56

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    Hmmmm . . .

    In my experience and observation refrigerators and other kitchen appliances are ideal locations to find cockroaches and mice. Bed bugs, not so much.

    However, I suppose if the infestation was a "bed bug ground zero" type location it would be possible to find bed bugs nearly everywhere.

    As far as delivery trucks, that also depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to:

    > The locations visited and infestation level thereof, if at all.

    > The items being delivered and picked up. Do they also deliver bedding and furniture items in addition to appliances?

    > The delivery company's policies and procedures in place to adequately address the bed bug threat, if at all ?

    Hope this helps ! paul b.

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