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bed bugs on couch

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  1. adios bed bug

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed May 25 2011 22:07:58

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    Hello, I need some advise. As far as I can tell, I have bedbugs on the couch but no where else in my apt. This is as far as I can tell so far. However, because I am pretty sure that they are on the couch (that is where they bit me), I want to get rid of my couch right away. I have a question: Once I get a new couch, how do I prevent bed bugs from getting on my new couch if indeed the bed bugs are in other parts of my apt.?


  2. cilecto

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed May 25 2011 22:48:40

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    Welcome, Adios.

    You can "isolate" the couch: Put the legs in "Climp up" type of interceptors and make sure the couches never touch any wall or other surface, so the bugs get trapped in the climp ups.

    And never sit down in it or put anything down on it unless you are absolutely sure that you and the item you're putting down is bug free.

    And keep your feet off the floor, so the bugs can't climb up them onto the couch.

    And hope that none drop off the ceiling, as bed bugs have occasionally been reported to do.


    Encase your (old or new) couch in a giant polyethylene "banana bag" or a loose fabric slipcover/sack called a "couch safe" to keep the bugs (in or out).

    In summary, I would not get a new couch until I was reasonably certain that the infestation was gone (experts advise 55 days with no bites, bug sightings, shells, eggs or fecal marks).

    I would also not assume that the bugs are only in your couch or that it can't be treated. Some PCOs won't treat couches, some do.

    And if you do decide to toss it, wrap it securely in plastic to keep from dropping bugs on the trip out.

    Please read our FAQ to empower yourself for your battle against bed bugs.

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  3. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu May 26 2011 13:07:14

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    I always think that bedbugs on the couch only is a good indication of how you are actually getting the problem. For me successful control is as much about understanding that as how you deal with an infestation.

    I generally find that people who seem to only have bedbugs on the sofa fall into a short list:

    • People who come into contact with bedbugs during travel as part of a daily routine which often ends up with them sitting on the sofa when they arrive home - think work, commute, regular visited locations.
    • Those who got the bedbugs with the sofa - yes infected items do get into the supply chain although it more likely in the second hand market.
    • People who have a regular source of bedbugs visit them and sit on the sofa thus delivering them - modern equivalent of typhoid Mary.
    • People who occupy the sofa as if it were a bed, either every night or every other / several nights a week.

    Its all very well carefully isolating and removing an infected item for safe disposal but without knowing the source the issue will sooner or later reoccur.

    It is perfectly reasonable although rare for bedbugs to be isolated to one item in the property which may be the case in your situation. I would suggest an investigational based approach to your situation. Start with the other areas and have a good look for signs of bedbugs. If after a thorough inspection and clean you find non then isolating the sofa for disposal is viable. If you find signs in other areas then isolate the sofa as the main source but look into treatment options for the rest of the property.

    Either way you need to be on top of inspections or monitoring to make sure the other areas are clear and remain clear and that any lingering issues are quickly identified and resolved.

    All that said read the FAQ's thoroughly before you start tearing the house apart as knowledge is the second most powerful tool in fighting bedbugs. The first being experience but in the absence of that which is obviously the case in peoples first encounters you can't go wrong if you take a day to read and understand before you draw up an action plan and tackle it.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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