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    I really need some help! I after many days of not sleeping sitting up 24/7 researching the internet have determined that we have a small bed bug infestation a huge carpet beetle problem and roaches in the kitchen. We moved into this apartment building July to save money so we could buy a house.. WE DID NOT HAVE ANY BUGS AT ALL. The first thing I found were bed bugs. So that is why that problem has been kept to a minimum. powders and washed and dried clothes constantly trying to get rid of the bed bugs. Then we kept seeing these little white jelly looking tiny slugs which I assumed were baby bed bugs. I would go to work and feel like I was being eaten alive inside my cloths all day. Would go to the bathroom constantly checking for bed bugs. I was going crazy. So a week or so ago my boyfriend got very sick and was put in the hospital. I got out of the shower and was getting dressed. When I was pulling up my jeans and felt this terrible pain in 2 spots on my knee. I jerked my pants off and there were two black/brown bugs halfway imbedded in my knee.
    When I went to pull them off it was sort of difficult to pull them out of my skin. There was holes in my knee where the bugs had been. I through them in the toilet out of shear terror. Then went over my entire body.
    I had to leave to go to the hospital. When I got back late that night, I started going thru the house. The more I did, the more "bites" or "scrapes" or whatever I was having. I again took off clothes and the white jelly like things were burrowing under my skin as well as these grey ones that looked like dust bunnies. They are in all of our clean clothes in the closets in all the dressers. They are everywhere. I then freaked out and went to buy a huge amount of 91% alcohol. I came back and got in the shower and there were hundreds of these white and grey bugs in my skin. I took the alcohol and put in a spray bottle and just started scrubbing head to toe. It seems to have worked. I am so freaked out that I don't even know what to do. I have called a professional exterminator to come tomorrow, but I still have my doubts that they will get rid of them.
    Then on top of that, the apartment upstairs opens their door and there was a 100 roaches right there for me to see, We have those too. I am beside myself. I can't sleep, I can't eat. I think I am going crazy trying to keep these things away from me and my kids. I mean I think I slept an entire 10 hours all of last week and when I got on the scale the other day I am down to 85 pounds! I FEEL LIKE I AM DROWNDING. I have never had bugs before and I don't like them. I am obviously not dealing with them very well. The apartment complex will not do anything. We came here to save to buy a house and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to fight them. I have even seen bugs in my truck and car.
    Please help me! I can not stand the thought of bugs crawling inside me and now they have started on my 5 year old daughter. I stayed up sitting next to her on the couch while she slept last night so I could try to keep all these things off of her.
    Oh and here is the thing. My boyfriend and 11 year old son are not affected by any of this. No bed bug bites, and nothing from the carpet beetles. The beetle bug hairs can be all over there clothes and it doesn't sting them, bite them, or burrow in them.

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