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Bed Bugs Are Driving Me Crazy!!!

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  1. chris678

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jul 9 2010 23:36:52

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    About 6-8 months ago my friend moved into an apartment that we recently found out was infested with bed bugs. Since we lived so close to each other I was there on average about 3 times a week. Not too long after that I noticed huge welts all over my body that were uncontrollably itchy and came to the conclusion that the bed bugs somehow came home with me. I've tried almost everything to get rid of them. I've washed all my bed linens and all my clothes, I've put chemicals that my friend had gotten from an exterminator all over my carpet and all over my mattress and box spring let it sit over night and then vacuumed in the morning and when that didnt work I threw out my bed and slept on the floor until I had enough money to buy another one. Now I have a brand new bed I wasn't getting bit for a while and then all of the sudden I got another bite and then a week later I got another one. Then yesterday I found a dead bed bug on my sheets. This is the first time I've ever seen one and I was hoping that this was the one that was biting me and now that its dead I wont have anymore problems but after researching them a little more I found out that if you see one there's at least a hundred more where that came from. I cannot believe this is happening to me and that after all I've been through already they are still here. I was really trying to avoid getting an exterminator because they are sooo expensive and I'm really going through a tough time financially. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of them??? I'm so paranoid and disgusted by this whole situation I can barely sleep at night. Can someone please help!!!!

  2. DeedleBeetle

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Jul 10 2010 10:37:17

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    Hi Cris..

    sorry you're going through this...I noticed that no one had yet responded to your post. So please accept my Hello on the part of the forum and i hope that we'll be able to provide some support and help to you.

    You'll see the green "sticky" subjects above, and you can start to read there about almost everything concerned with bbs, preparation before treatment, self treating, etc.

    I'm glad that you got rid of the mattress because i almost gagged when i read that you had doused it with the DE! That is reported to be harmful for human lungs and respiration....

    but one thing you wrote (and i think i found where you read that -- an article by someone named Brandon McVey who apparently is not an authority on bbs) are accepting the writer's premise that if you see one bb, that you have at least 100 more...i don't know if that is accurate. A person can bring home one or two bbs from work or from another person's home..from public transportation, a nursing home, libraray or movie theatre (just to name a few)...and if they catch that bug or bugs before they have a chance to establish themselves and reproduce, then it is conceivable that an infestation could be as small as one or two bugs (well, i guess that one or two bbs probably would not qualify to be called an infestation) or if given a couple of weeks...perhaps grow a bit without reaching 100 or more.

  3. Beth

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Jul 10 2010 11:55:51

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    yes, I believe I got bit once at a friend's house in the breakfast lunch dinner pattern, brought one with me. We vacuumed and did all the laundry a few days later and never a bite again there.Bed bug adults can lay 5 eggs a day (if female and if impregnated) but it takes 7-10 days for them to hatch. If you catch one or two bugs in the first week of exposure by laundry and a deep cleaning it is possible to avoid an infestation. After that, it's too late to handle it on your own.

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