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bed bug stain on sheet? ID please

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  1. Pretty_scared

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri Jan 12 2018 6:08:39

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    Hey, it's me again.
    We're still traveling and I keep on red getting spots/bumps (1-2 single ones every 2-3 days). Every time I start to relax again a new one appears and I kinda freak out again.
    As none of the bugs we found have been bed bugs, we still cleaned (dryer for 40-50 minutes) all our clothes, bagged our stuff and checked everything visually (and bagged everything again) -
    Anyway, I get those spots and I'm paranoid as f... that we missed something (didn't do all the cleaning at once, but [hopefully] kept the stuff seperated and air-sealed).
    I found some stains on the sheets today, not sure if they've already been there yesterday - can someone tell me if it looks bb-related?

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