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Bed bug egg ID, plus story.

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  1. ame10233

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Tue Sep 12 2017 22:56:27

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    So I was rummaging under the couch because I am worried that I may have brought bed bugs with me when I moved. ID first, here are some pictures. It's hard,
    I was able to break it with my finger nail but it took some pressure.

    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    I tried to get the focus as sharp as possible but its so tiny.

    So the reason I am worried about this is that I was living in an apartment a month and a half ago when I noticed a weird smell and the floor was hot. The next day I saw people carting out these massive heaters from the apartment below me. I found out that the building had bed bugs and they were getting a treatment. The manage constantly lied to me about who had what and how far they had spread, but after talking to everyone in the building I found that it had been going on for nearly a year, and that the people on the top floor (my floor) have had multiple treatments.

    That night I check my bed and find a adult bed bug. I had it checked and it was. We found more in hall of the 3rd floor, and another one on the floor just walking around in the middle of the day, and I had bites on my legs (not sure though, I was outside and the mosquitoes were biting hard). I figure they were fleeing the treatment from the apartment below. I got freaked out and moved my cats out of the house, took all of my clothing to a laundry mat and washed/dried on the hottest setting possible. Throughout the whole thing I was careful. I put all of my clothes in bags tied tight. After washing and drying I put them in new bags again. I didn't wear the shoes I had in the house in my car. I didn't sit on anything in the apartment either.

    With all of the horror stories I've heard about I said nope and left/threw away everything. I only took my cats, clothing, car and phone. Got rid of a lot of things in the process.

    For the next 4 weeks i'm fine. No bites, no itching, everything is good. I move to a new apartment in another city. I start to get little bites. Smaller and not really itchy, not many of them. Two spots of blood on my white sheets, that could have been from something else but I don't know. I panic and place climb-ups under my bed and one of my sofas that I just got. Nothing in them for a week. I tear apart my bed (its new) and search the box spring, go over every seam, tag, and fold. I do this every night for a week and see nothing.

    I found this when unscrewing one of the legs on my sofa. I had a week off and I spent a fair amount of time on this sofa. Not sure what it is, but I don't eat rice so it's freaking me out a little.

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Wed Sep 13 2017 3:39:34

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    No, has nothing to do with bed bugs. Look at pictures and see (and read legends) what bed bugs and eggs look like. Also certain harborages and other bed bug related pictures.

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