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Bed bug behavior

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  1. Tim m

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Fri Aug 11 2017 1:31:44

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    Hey all so i just found out about a week ago I have bedbugs so far I have only found three adults, and a hand full of little one all around the same size. And ground zero is my couch. The exterminator is coming the 18th to heat treat and spray. I have checked all my children's rooms from top to bottom found nothing at all.

    Tonight I checked my bed again, my bedroom is right next to the living room and I found three molts under my box spring. I have checked my bed everyday since I found out I had them and never found anything until tonight. I didn't see any live bugs at all tore the room apart looking for them. Is there a chance they left the couch looking for food molted then returned to the couch. I'm just freaking out I'm trying to keep them from over running the house. I don't know if the three adults I killed those were their molts.

  2. nomorebuggs

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Fri Aug 11 2017 23:54:22

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    Are you sleeping in your room or the couch? If your room is empty and you're sleeping on the couch, they would have no reason to venture to a room with no CO2 or heat signature.

    Also, did you photograph the shed skins for an ID?

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