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Are my bites from bed bugs? Please help I'm desperate!

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  1. TastyMorsel

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 19 2010 7:51:11

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    Hi, I am desperate for help regarding the mysterious bites that I have been getting for the past 3 months and this site seems really useful as I'm under the impression that bedbugs are the culprits! I moved into my house in July 09 but strangely suffered no bites at all until early Dec which I assume is because I may have picked them up somewhere. I only ever get bites on my feet, all over my toes and even on my heels, which I know sounds more like fleas but I only ever get these bites when I'm in bed. Usually I can feel when I am being bitten and it wakes me up (mostly at around 2 am) , I have started putting the light on and looking over the bed on these occasions but very frustratingly NEVER see anything! My partner who also sleeps in the bed has never been bitten, nor has my son, however I realise that they just may not be reacting to the bites. I usually have around 15 bites over my two feet at any time although my right foot seems to be bitten much more frequently (I cant understand why this is) and they are small, raised,very itchy and tend to be in clusters of 2 or 3. These bites can take over 2 weeks to heal and at first it is possible to see two tiny pin pricks close together in the center but as they begin to heal they turn bright red like blood blisters (again I don't understand this). There are a couple of really strange things about all this though, to start with I have started sleeping in socks to stop the bites, however I have still been bitten numerous times on my feet BUT I sleep in a T-shirt and panties so why the hell would anything go through the trouble of biting through my socks when my legs are bare?! Also I only ever seem to get bitten around once a week, lots of bites the morning after but then nothing again for a few days, why? Finally after the first couple of weeks of being bitten it stopped for a whole month befre the biting started again and I hadn't done anything differently...I just don't get it. I wash all of my bedding weekly on a very hot wash and have never actually seen any casts, live bugs or blood spots, although my bites have had a little dried blood on them in the morning before. I have made a dr appointment but am worried they will mis-diagnose...really don't know what to do as I have no evidence other than my bites! : ( Do you think this could be bed bugs? Might I have fleas in my bed? Some aspects seem to fit perfectly and others not at all... Please help! x

  2. paulaw0919

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 19 2010 8:32:33

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    Look into getting a plug in flea trap to inspect for fleas. Read up on the FAQ's here about bed bug just in case and inspect for those. After reading the FAQ's on how to inspect, if you have had bed bugs for 3 months you should surely be able to find evidence. (a bug, fecal, cast skin) But I would be sure to go to a good dermotologist to inspect for possible scabies and get a skin test done. Sounds like that could be possible as well. They like to attack between fingers, toes, armpits, crevices on the body where skin bends. When you state that you still get bit under your socks when wearing them doesn't seem to add up to bed bugs.

  3. DougSummersMS

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 19 2010 10:07:15

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    Tasty Morsel

    I have to agree with Paula... your description does not sound typical for bed bugs.

    It is possible to have fleas in your bed, but I would expect that the bites would extend to other areas beyond your feet.

    Basically, the primary way that unexplained bites are diagnosed involves capturing specimens in the environment You can try flea traps, yellow fly ribbon, flat sticky traps in addition to active / passive bed bug monitoring devices to catch specimens that can be professionally identified.

    Here is a link to a Texas A&M article on the subject

    I would bring in a professional PCO that has the experience, equipment and resources to screen your home for suspected pests, if you feel strongly that a biting pest is involved.

    I would be glad to recommend a good K9 team for you to screen for bed bugs if you are looking for peace of mind... I just doubt that bed bugs are the cause... given your description.

    Personally, I would give qualified doctors a shot at ruling out other potential medical causes before you go any further. A rash can be a symptom of other medical issues (like kidney disease for example).

    Skin eruptions that are located only on your feet for a long period of time suggests a medical cause to me... but you need a good physician to take a close look to really know for sure.

    I agree with Paula that there should be some physical evidence after three months, if bed bugs were involved.

    Given that you feel that your bed is the primary location... trying inexpensive passive devices like BB Alert or Climb Up Interceptors might be your best approach for now... if you wish to screen for a bed bug infestation.

  4. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 19 2010 10:44:35

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    I have to concur with the advice above, it does not sound typical of a bed bug infestation for many reasons:

    • Bite location exclusively on feet
    • Break between bites
    • No confirming signs

    The description of the bites being a double puncture wound is also not consistent although as I say bites alone are not a good and accurate things to diagnose on. This is one of those rare situations where a bite picture may help to rule bed bugs out to some extent but I would advise you to seek medical advise as well.

    The solutions outlines above by both Doug and Paula would be good next steps. I would also recommend a through self inspection of the area and if possible take pictures and keep anything that you find which you are not sure about.

    At this stage I would be looking for other potential causes rather than bed bugs but in my case the only way to be certain would be a thorough visual inspection to look for trace signs.

    Hope this helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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