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About to move in - but current tenant found a bb!

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  1. preventativeparanoia

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jul 29 2011 18:44:58

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    My roommate and I are supposed to move into our new place in a few days, but last week got contacted by the current tenant saying that she found a single, solitary bedbug.
    The landlord already had an exterminator come in and spray, but since they're moving out, and we haven't moved in, there's time when the apartment will be empty. We want to be feel comfortable bringing ourselves and our stuff in, which means NO BEDBUGS ALLOWED.

    Any advice on what we should do? Make the landlord do a heat treatment? Spray again? Wait to move in? Also, we've got a dog, so if there's poison involved we have to be very careful. We're concerned because the landlord's been a little sketchy about things (they did already treat, but obviously it's a bit suspect): hasn't given us the PCO name, was really reluctant to notify other tenants, etc.).

    Any tips much appreciated!

  2. BugsInTO

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jul 29 2011 19:23:48

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    Consider all your options -
    - cancel the new lease and stay where you are?
    - delay the move-in?
    - move-in with just the essentials and thoroughly seal & then store everything else?

    Does the current tenant know how they got the bedbugs? Can never know for sure, but if this is an apt bldg and the bugs came from an adjoining unit, then treating your new unit, alone, might be only temporary because they could come back.

    I'm not a PCO, but it's been said here that if it is a chemical treatment, then the unit needs to be occupied to keep the bugs focussed and to make them come out and cross the residual poison line so they get exposed. Multiple treatments would be needed, so if you have a good relationship with the out-going tenant (and congratulations to them for calling you) then ask them for records of the treatments. If they got one treatment last week, then there needs to be another in approx 7 - 10 days.

    This is another reason to move in with only the minimum of stuff, because you will have less prep work to do for the subsequent treatments.

    Thermal can be very successful from what I have read, but it has to be done well.

    Good luck

  3. cilecto

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jul 29 2011 20:39:39

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    Hi. Stressful as it is, you're lucky to have gotten an advance "heads up". Eradicating bed bugs can cost lots of time, effort and money. It helps to have a good exterminator and a supportive landlord. If you're weighing your options, try and determine the overall history/situation in the new building. Here's a good thread that discussed a similar dilemma, including links to horror stories from people who fell into infestations that were not disclosed up front.

    I'd feel and act differently depending on how the building deals with BB and your personal circumstances, for instance:
    - building covers all expenses and uses a highly reputable exterminator who insists on a bare minimum of prep and has no problem treating bedding, couches, lofts, captain's beds, etc. The landlord will mitigate your rent until the apartment is bug free for 90 days (I have no idea if all this even exists).
    - building uses an exterminator of no repute, who gives you a two page list of things you must do on your time and your dime. He won't treat couches and wants you to throw out your bedding (at your expense), wash and bag everything you own and keep your books bagged for 18 months…and you'll get fired if you ask for a couple days off to prep. (I can say with reasonable confidence that this is a not unheard of scenario).

    …and everything Buggy in TO said.

    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night...
    - Psalms 91:5-7

    (Not an pro)

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