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5 day nightmare HELP

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  1. JessicaGio

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu May 4 2017 19:28:47

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    Single mom of 2 kids here. I live in Dallas, after divorce and relocating, a lot of my things are in storage, what I do have: 2 queen beds, clothes, bean bags, lots of toys, kitchen items; furniture is sparse, a table here and there about covers it.

    I moved into a rental condo on Saturday with hopes of bringing my stuff out of storage and into this bigger condo. We moved Saturday afternoon. By Saturday night, I see a bedbug in the living room, on the ceiling. I start crawling around and find the source: 1 of the bedrooms and a big hall closet. At this point, I only see a few bedbugs. I get on Thumbtack and hire an exterminator to come out on Monday afternoon. That night, I slept with my eyes open after having sprayed a barrier at the doorway of the room my kids and I are sleeping in.

    Monday comes, exterminator comes, we find there are lots of bugs in one room specifically, but nevertheless, he still treats the whole place, all rooms and even the kitchen. He also treated the mattresses. I get home after having steered clear for a few hours because of the fumes. I see 2 bedbugs on one of the mattresses and flush it down the toilet. I wash the linen then make the beds. On Tuesday morning, I see that my son was bitten by a bug, I guess he rolled around and squished it in the process, b/c the bug on the sheet was squished w/ a streak of blood trailing it. I said, forget this, and decided to move the next day. Wednesday, we move out. We move into where we came from, a small 1 bedroom apartment attached to a home. This place was BUG FREE! Before I bring my stuff, I spray some Hot Shot bedbug poison all around. The movers moved the stuff back and here we are.

    Today, Thursday, as I'm working from home, I walk to the living room of the apartment where the majority of our stuff is at and I saw a bedbug on the wall!!!!!!!

    Could this one have been a straggler? I have heat treated the majority of our clothes, blanket, even my purse and work backpack. As I mentioned, I don't have a lot of stuff, so I'm really hoping this was a rogue bedbug. I haven't seen any where we sleep/the mattresses, etc.

    What are your thoughts?

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