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5 Day Delayed Reaction?

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  1. ughseriously

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Nov 23 2009 15:01:35

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    Hello, everyone. Brand new bedbug sufferer here, not happy to have to join your ranks but comforted by the fact that you're here.

    I moved from my parents' pest-free home into an apartment on October 18th of this year. All of my furniture, including mattress and box spring, came from home.

    Around Halloween, I started to notice very itchy raised bites on my elbows that looked suspiciously like the lines of three I knew bedbugs leave. There were so few bites and I am allergic to EVERYTHING that I figured "well, maybe I'm just having a reaction to something" and let it go. On the night of November 15th, my chest broke out into these awful welts, including three separate instances of three bites. The next night, I decided to go hunting -- and what do you know, I found a live adult bedbug. He was running across my apartment floor by the baseboards. I quickly drowned him, put him in a plastic bag, threw on clean clothes that had been stored in another room, and drove off to my parents house because I knew there was no way I could sleep there. I brought nothing with me except myself and my sealed, dead sample.

    I had a PCO come out immediately the next day. He found a few babies up on the ceiling and a nymph in my mattress seam, but nothing anywhere else in the room. My landlord let him inspect all the other apartments in the building and he found nothing on the floor below mine or the apartment adjacent by my living room, but he found dead adult bodies up on the vacant third floor. Thus, he thinks the tenant in the third floor before me had them, moved out, and then they migrated down to me once I moved in. PCO found no traces of bugs in my study or living room but is treating the whole apartment as a precaution.

    Since that time, I have brought a few changes of clothing in sealed XXL Ziplocs to my parents' house and immediately laundered in hot water/dried on hot for an hour. I made my (new) Macbook run hot and then I ran over the cracks with a hair dryer for 5 minutes. I inspected my cat and ruffled his fur. My cat, these changes of clothes, and my Macbook are the only things that I took with me out of my apartment and into my parents' house. I take my shoes off before I go into my parents house, seal them in a Ziploc bag, and leave them outside.

    I feel like I've taken a lot of precautions and yet, now, after 6 days of sleeping in my parents' bed in clean and treated clothes, new groups of itchy welt bites are emerging all over my legs and stomach. I won't be able to get past the 9 day test threshold here to see if I've really spread them, simply because my landlord was awesome about the situation and hired the exterminator for my apartment and the third floor apartment right away; he's treating them as I type and I know I will need to sleep there again beginning tonight.

    So I guess what I'm wondering is, are reactions this delayed really common for people who are allergic to the bites like I am? If it helps, many of my other bites seem to flare up into welts again and itch more whenever the new ones develop. Has anyone else had this experience too?

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