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10 days post 1st Treatment; live adult found in bed

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  1. OCDinOKC

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Sat Jan 13 2018 12:04:57

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    1st treatment 10 days ago, we’ve yet to unpack the majority of the bags/bins with the Nuvan strips. Our plan was to start that today as we had not seen any activity in a few days. However, my husband woke up this morning and found a bed bug in the bed that obviously had fed on him. Now I am on edge and leery to start unpacking. My question is, would it be better to leave the stuff packed away or should we be getting it out in case any survived and they need to be exposed to the treated house? Is it too late for any that might have survived in the bags to be killed by any residual left behind in the house? My plan was to leave unnecessary stuff sealed until we knew we had a handle on this as we don’t have time to do the extensive prep work again. The PCO used Phantom, Phantom 2, Alpine and Cimexa. Before PCO treated, we also steam treated the adjustable base, used Hot Shot BB killer on the adjustable base, after the PCO treated I also sprayed Bedlam all over the adjustable base before putting it back. PCO comes back for 2nd treatment on 1/22.

  2. bitethebullet

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Sat Jan 13 2018 15:56:57

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    I think it’s fairly common to see bed bugs after only one treatment. I have read that chemicals can take a few treatments before they’re 100% gone. Was it super spry or moving slow?

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