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Housing Authority of New Haven to purchase heat treatment technology

November 4, 2010

The Housing Authority of New Haven is planning to use Temp-Air heating technology to treat bed bugs in public housing, with the ambitious goal of entirely eliminating bed bugs from all public housing units “within six to nine months.” The According to the New Haven Independent says, On Wednesday morning Housing Authority of New Haven […]

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Bella Vista residents in New Haven are getting bed bug k9 inspections

September 17, 2008

Remember the Bella Vista in New Haven? That was the complex where low-income, elderly and disabled residents found out their building had bed bugs by watching the news. Now Radar of Advanced K-9 Detectives is searching for bed bugs with his beagle nose. Watch this clip from News 8 in New Haven. Carl Massicott of […]

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Residents at the Bella Vista apartments learn their building has bed bugs by watching the news

September 4, 2008

News Channel 8 in New Haven claims that after they aired a story on bed bugs in the Bella Vista apartments in Elm City, lots of people came forward to tell management they had the problem too: News Channel 8 showed you the critters up close, then management was flooded with complaints. Bella Vista is […]

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Piecemeal inspections and treatment: no way to rid an apartment building of bed bugs

August 29, 2008

Annie Rourke reported for News Channel 8 in New Haven on Thursday that residents of the Bella Vista complex in Elm City feel their management is not treating bed bugs aggressively enough. New Haven (WTNH) — People living in one Elm City apartment complex say they have unwanted guests: bed bugs. And, they’re saying there’s […]

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Bed bugs in New Haven: why can’t housing officials solve the problem?

August 13, 2007

When we first heard part of New Haven’s Crawford Manor public housing was infested with bed bugs, housing officials were taking the infestations seriously (good) but also moving tenants from infested home to local hotels and then other apartments (not good), and also rushing to blame a woman who carries her belongings around and has […]

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New Haven: another housing complex has bed bugs

July 31, 2007

We recently reported the rise of bed bugs in the Crawford Manor apartments and the University of Bridgeport, both in New Haven, CT. Now another housing complex, Essex Townhouses, is infested, as reported by The article focuses on Kathyrn Abreu, 73, and her daughter Kathyrn Yukness. The mother, Abreu, says, “I lost my 2-beds, […]

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bed bugs at University of Bridgeport

July 24, 2007

Sounds like New Haven is getting mighty itchy lately. According to News Channel 8 (WTNH) in New Haven, University of Bridgeport’s North Hall has bed bugs. Graduate student Li-Wen Chen had so many bites she sought treatment at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. The school has fumigated the building, but students say another problem occurred when […]

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more on bed bugs in New Haven: they’re only using steam cleaning?!?

July 23, 2007

More on the New Haven case described here on Friday. A more recent article from News 8 in New Haven suggests that the The infestation started in one unit and moved to 14 other apartments. The city paid for hotel rooms so the professionals could come in and steam clean room by room, bed by […]

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Reno; and New Haven: bed bugs cause unsuspecting officials to run around like confused flour beetles

July 20, 2007

In Reno, they have so few bed bug cases, that the health department called three residents of an apartment complex to tell them their building is infested. (New Yorkers, are you laughing?!) Unfortunately, as Geralda Miller of the Reno Gazette Journal reports, the advice being given to tenants is not great: “They’re an indoor critter,” […]

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Do landlords or tenants pay for bed bug treatment? (FAQs)

October 22, 2006

This FAQ attempts to answer one of the first questions renting tenants, co-op owners and condo owners ask, when confronted with bed bugs, is: who’s responsible for paying for their elimination? The laws vary. We are not lawyers. There may be inaccuracies or errors or speculative comments below. Use what you find below as a […]

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