Bed bugs infest libraries in three cities: what can we learn from these cases?

September 30, 2011

The Mesa, Arizona Public Library and the Public Library in Norman, Oklahoma both became infested with bed bugs in the last ten days.  They recently troubled the Longmont, Colorado library. Are there any patterns here, and what can we learn from these cases? First, Mesa. reports, According to Mesa spokesman Steve Wright, bedbugs were […]

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“Business as Usual”: Bed Bugs at the Longmont, Colorado Library

August 22, 2011

Long-time readers of are familiar with this scenario: Local media reports that some local venue (e.g. a school, office or store) was shut down, briefly, due to a bed bug infestation. Pest control professionals have dutifully “treated” the place. The business owner or a local official reassures that “there’s no public health hazard”. This […]

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Denver Public Library Book Return infested with bed bugs

September 23, 2009

The Denver Public Library’s book return drop box was infested with bed bugs, apparently by a single heavy user of the library’s services.  CBS4 in Denver reported that Library workers handling the books left in the drop box noticed the bugs first. “When we were returning those materials back in to get them off of […]

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Middle school class trip encounters bed bugs at YMCA of the Rockies

May 3, 2009

Bed bugs can infest any location.  Recently, Centennial, Colorado middle school students and adult chaperones encountered bed bugs in a YMCA. YMCA spokesperson Laurie Van Horn says the 150 students and 23 adults stayed at the Silver Stage Lodge at the Snow Mountain Ranch. This was the first of three trips scheduled by Thunder Ridge. […]

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Bed bugs displace afterschool program at Denver’s Lake Middle School

April 26, 2009

An auxiliary gym at Denver’s Lake Middle School, which is used for an afterschool program, is infested with bed bugs: The [afterschool] program was cancelled Thursday and will not reopen before Tuesday, pending approval from exterminators. The gym, which contains a game room, office space and a TV room, is being sprayed with pesticides Friday. […]

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Pueblo, Colorado issues health advisory about bed bugs

February 4, 2009 reports that The Pueblo City-County Health Department has issued an advisory about bed bugs, following multiple cases of people complaining of bites or rashes. We could not find anything on the health department’s website. But an additional story on says the advisory was “sent out” by the dept. Public education about bed bugs […]

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Aurora, Colorado woman claims she got bed bugs from rental furniture

December 19, 2008

According to Fox 31 News in Colorado, JoDean Persichetti says she did not have bed bugs in her apartment until after her shipment of rented furniture arrived: “Those bugs were not in the apartment before the furniture arrived, it’s a brand new unit,” she said. JoDean asked Rent-A-Center to pick up the furniture but the […]

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KRDO in Colorado Springs: some misleading advice regarding bed bugs

September 11, 2008

The KRDO article posted at this link is innocuous enough, but do click and watch the video. There is some misleading information there. First, Colorado Springs Code Enforcement Officer Ken Lewis tells KRDO viewers that “If you sleep in a bed that had bed bugs, you probably won’t see the bed bugs, or feel the […]

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German couple surprised by bed bugs in Cortez, Colorado hotel

August 27, 2008

Some tourists come to Colorado looking for the “Wild West.” However, I don’t think bed bugs are what they have in mind. The Durango Herald, in Durango, Colorado, reported Tuesday on a recent bed bug encounter in a Cortez, Colorado hotel: German tourists Billy and Helga Held didn’t travel to Cortez to have a close […]

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25 Grant Street in Denver, Colorado: bed bugs for two years

June 10, 2008

This MyFox Colorado article claims that this beleaguered building in Denver at 25 Grant Street has had ongoing bed bug problems for two years. Denver’s Environmental Health Department says they have had complaints about bugs there for more than two years. The property is owned by Shockor Management and is telling tenants they will spray […]

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bed bugs in Greenpoint (NYC), Stamford (CT), Glenwood Springs (CO), and the Internets (.com)

December 10, 2007

Slightly delayed news round-up: » ‘Tis The Season: Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite! miss heather of shares a current photo of suspected bed bug refuse at the Astral Apartments in Greenpoint, and shares an article from exactly 121 years ago, decrying the need for “quality affordable housing”, free of vermin. Glenwood Springs Post […]

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More from Cincinnati: senior housing complex

October 5, 2007

According to Channel 12 WKRC in Cincinnati (doesn’t Howard Hesseman work there?), residents at the Hillrise Apartment building, which is owned by Cincinnati Business & Professional Women’s Retirement Living Incorporated, are suffering from various issues including bed bugs. Calvin Merritt’s problems at Hillrise Apartments are pretty simple. “Mostly bugs, roaches and all that…” The “all […]

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