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Several people have asked me how they could help support the site.

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1 milly May 4, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Hi Maybe someone can help. I have been having the odd bite since october. I have had the pest man out three times, he has sprayed the house twice. He has also put insect detectors in my room and my childrens rooms. We only caught a carpet beetle and moth. I am still getting bitten with no sign of bbugs or fleas.Just got four more bites around pant area (yuk), usually they are on my lower legs. Thought it was the car(also no insects on traps) and work, no insects caught. Can anyone help? I have no idea where I am getting them from, my children seem to be bite free, even though my son occasionally sleeps in my bed. Cable bug has been suggested as has the feathers in my duvet. Would steam cleaning the mattress help, have already moved the feather duvet in an attempt to alleviate the problem. I am new to this site, not sure if i have put this in the right place, if not sorry,

2 Bunnybedbug May 24, 2009 at 9:52 pm

Hi – I have been having trouble getting my password to work on this site. I was able to post once and since that time it keeps saying the password is wrong. Have tried various things which didn’t fix the prob. Please help.


3 nobugsonme May 25, 2009 at 2:40 am

Milly, sorry I missed your comment. If you do see this, please come to the forums and re-post your question:

Bunnybedbug, Please use the comment form to get in touch with me. Or email: nobugs [at] bedbugger dot com. We can then troubleshoot your login issues. Please also let me know if you are trying to login via this side of the site (blog) or the forums. Thanks!

4 Uhlizza aka : u no (not sure if this will show) July 12, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Hi nobugsonme,

This is an awesome tool in fighting bed bugs, not sure how much money you guys get but I do see you have some big name advertisers… have you ever considered adding a “chat” part to the website? Not to make it into a social networking site, but that also would be helpful as we are isolated in our BB fights; just a thought!

It shows who is online: and it would be really nice to get and give immediate feedback. That is all: bb free for about a week now – but I found one around my the packing tape I put around my AC unit that would and did catch anything trying to sneak in in the middle of the nite… U.P.

P.S. I posted it in my wordy matter to my string: should I post it condensed version as a tip somewhere else? OR is this what you do.. find good tips and tag them? I also put packing tape (sticky side mostly exposed) around my outlets and light switches. That would catch em if they tried to crawl out of the walls.

5 nobugsonme July 13, 2010 at 6:39 pm


The site carries ads. But in most cases, we are paid only if people shop via those ads. Advertising allows me to keep the site going, but it’s mostly a labor of love and I do have a day job.

I will consider the chat box. Thanks for suggesting it.

If you have suggestions like your idea about putting tape on the AC, you can post them to the forums. You can also tag it (with words like AC, air conditioner, tape).

Posting suggestions on comments in the blog (as here) is not as helpful, because people are less likely to look at comments on old posts like this one. Hope that helps!

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