Packtite recall: more information and a photo

by nobugsonme on December 14, 2013

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I have updated Thursday’s post about the recall affecting two of the Packtite Original models, to add additional helpful videos about the recall process, links to FAQs, and a photo submitted by a site user:

Packtite with replacement parts

Packtite with replacement parts

As I noted in the update,

I do not have any information confirming this but I suspect Packtite users getting a replacement may find this new unit to be more powerful, judging from the similarity of the new heating element to that used in the Packtite Closet.

The Packtite website tells us the Packtite Max will be for sale soon with the following specs:

  • Same color and style as the original
  • 40% more interior treatment space
  • More powerful and durable heater

I haven’t been able to confirm yet if the recalled Packtite + replacement parts is equivalent to the Packtite Max. However, that definitely looks like the same “more powerful” heater.

That’s good news for anyone whose product is subject to the recall.

And yes, many of our readers are — and no doubt will continue to be — happy Packtite owners. It was on our site that “Packtite” was first used as a verb, and I myself am a Packtite Closet owner as well as running affiliate ads for stores selling the products.

Please see the updated post for more on the recall.


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