NYS IPM in dire straits: let’s help keep them open!

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As you know, we’re big fans of the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (NYS IPM) at Cornell. They provide a lot of great publications, resources and education for the public about bed bugs — and other pest concerns. (Download the following PDFs to learn about NYS IPM’s broad impact in Community and Agricultural IPM.)

Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann of NYS IPM has been among those at the forefront of the bed bug battle in New York, doing everything from answering questions from bed bug sufferers (like us) to serving as one of the entomologists on the NYC Bed Bug Advisory Board, and much more.

Unfortunately, NYS IPM is now in danger of closing shop.

This organization has done so much to educate the public about bed bugs. You may be aware of some of their helpful publications (such as Bed bugs are back! An IPM answer, the Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Bed Bugs in Shelters and Group Living Facilities, and the clever Bed bug information cards which we recommend to readers all the time (just to name a few).

It’s really important that we all rally to help support NYS IPM.

Please read this letter from the NYS IPM Director Donald Rutz (PDF), which states that

We have just gotten more bad funding news. The NYS Integrated Pest Management Program’s contract with NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets was expected to last through June 30, 2011 – based on the state funding we were granted with your assistance last year. We have just learned that the contract will be terminated early, on March 31, 2011 – which means that the NYS IPM Program will close on March 31, 2011.

That would be a real loss.

But it isn’t too late to do something about this. The director asks us to write and call specific elected officials.

Please see the director’s letter (PDF) for details (and contact information) where letters and phone calls can be directed.

This kind of program really matters, so please take the time to get in touch and let officials know that NYS IPM really helps people!


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