Air America Offices being inspected for bed bugs?

by nobugsonme on November 17, 2009

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FishbowlNY reports it received multiple tips that Air America New York employees were working at home today as their office gets searched for bed bugs.

. . .  it’s no joke that the nasty critters have infected more than one media company in New York, including publishers, ad agencies and Fox News.

But just in case you thought the biting beasts had any political affiliation, we assure you they are equal opportunity insects, now setting their sites on progressive radio and Web news outlet Air America. We’ve heard from a few tipsters that employees from the company’s New York offices are working from home today as the space gets thoroughly checked for a possible infestation. We’re hearing that the source of the scare was one suspicious bug found in a tenant’s space that shares a floor with Air America.

You may recall that Marc Maron, an Air America personality, recounted his horror stories about a bed bug outbreak at home on his Breakroom Live show back in March.  (Breakroom Live and the Marc Maron show were both cancelled in July 2009.)

In the Breakroom Live video below, from March 2009, Maron and a second Air America employee (“Dorsey the video guy” according to the YouTube description) discussed their respective bed bug infestations at home.


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