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A new article from Xpress details the war on bed bugs in Dubai.  It’s good to hear that bed bugs are being discussed openly and that Dubai Municipality is concerned about the problem and taking steps to fight it.

Blood-sucking bedbugs found in congested neighbourhoods and labour camps have jumped the social barrier by moving to upmarket localities and five star hotels, Dubai Municipality and private pest control experts have said.

Bedbugs and cockroaches account for a number of complaints and pest control agencies have noticed rising infestations of these pests in localities such as Karama, Deira and Bur Dubai as well as the posh communities of Jumeirah and Al Barsha.

Pest control officials said that they are fighting a hydra-headed enemy as infestation is spreading fast. This has prompted Dubai Municipality to plan testing the resistance of bugs to available pesticides. “I’ve seen bedbugs even in a mosque,” said Motahar Hussain, Head of Technical Services at the Pest Control Section, Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality also invites residents to call them:

The increase in service calls for pest control is due to population growth and better public awareness, said Hesham Al Yahya, Head of Dubai Municipality’s Public Health Pest Control Section. “We encourage the public to call the Dubai Municipality hotline about any pest-related events they encounter.”

And Dubai Municipality has been noting an increase in such calls:

Dubai Municipality figures show pest infestation has risen steadily alongside a spike in population. Complaints about bedbugs received by the municipality grew by 34 per cent from 112 in the month of April 2006 to 150 in April this year, the latest comparative data available (it increased more than seven-fold from the figures recorded in April 1992).

Although no industry data exists on the extent of overall pest infestation in Dubai, Dubai Municipality figures show that the total number of monthly complaints increased significantly. For example, pest-related complaints nearly tripled from 1,664 in the month of April in 1992 to 4,676 complaints in April this year. During this period, Dubai’s population roughly doubled to about 1.4 million.

But municipality figures are just the tip of the iceberg.

Aren’t they always?

The article goes on to detail the experiences of a number of local pest control firms who provide service to residences and labor camps (where fighting the pests is especially difficult).

Read the rest here: Xpress: News | Pests on the prowl: Battle of the bugs.

1 SUNEER RAJA June 22, 2010 at 5:41 am

Hai sir please provide me solution for bedbugs in my room tooomuch in
Please consider my questuin

Thanking You
Suneer Raja

2 nobugsonme June 22, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Hi Suneer,

I am sorry there is no easy, quick solution.

Your room needs treatment. If possible, you need a professional to come in and spray or otherwise treat the room — and usually the entire house, flat or apartment needs treatment. If neighbors are attached (rooming house, apartment, flats, etc.) they may be infested and will then also need treatment. Self-treatment can be very difficult, and you may make the bed bug problem worse, or cause harm to yourself or others.

If you must self-treat, use safety precautions. Purchase a product labeled for bed bugs and follow the directions carefully. You must keep fighting until all bed bugs are gone. Do not use a fogger (bug bomb, smoke bomb) as these products make things worse.

The FAQs should help also:
You will find additional resources here:

3 nobugsonme June 22, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Suneer, also, per the article quoted above, if you are in Dubai, the local officials state,

“We encourage the public to call the Dubai Municipality hotline about any pest-related events they encounter.”

4 Hank Nolin June 24, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Good Day…I have been reading up on your situation with the onset of BED BUGS. Here in the USA we have trained some special dogs to find the BED BUGS. They work 50 times faster than human inspectors, and are much cheaper than human inspectors. Thes dogs are being used in 10 countries outside of the USA. Would you like to get more information about these dogs? The dog teams combine with heating elements to perform a complete inspection and elimination of the BED BUG problem. [Contact number and web address deleted.] Yours Truly Hank Nolin, President Sun State Specialty K-9s Inc.

5 nobugsonme June 25, 2010 at 12:30 am

Nice try, Hank.

I am in the USA. (I run this blog.)

So I assume you must be talking to Suneer, who has an active case of bed bugs. And therefore is not really your target market for purchasing a bed bug sniffing k9.

Please do not post marketing comments on this site. Thanks!

Bed bug sniffing k9s can be a useful tool if the dog is well trained and if the handler verifies alerts by searching for evidence of bed bugs. Sadly, we hear lots of handlers don’t. I hope your customers do.

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