New York vs. Bed Bugs on bed bug prep, and the widening divide between bed bugs haves and have-nots

by nobugsonme on June 7, 2009

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Renee Corea has an excellent post over on New York vs. Bed Bugs today which discusses varying approaches to bed bug preparation, what people are required to do, and who does and does not have access to help with this.

Although as Renee notes, it still is difficult for rich and poor alike to battle bed bugs, there may soon come a time when this is not so:

The market is working to make services, products and innovations available. But not to everyone. I wonder if the time is approaching when bed bug eradication will be significantly easier for the wealthy. Perhaps you think this is already the case? I don’t think so. Not quite yet. It’s clear that the only reason that New York City started to pay official attention to the bed bug problem is that the ruinous experience of bed bug infestations spread widely enough that people with access to power began to personally understand the nature of the problem. But this is what will happen when this particular moment, this equitable distribution of bed bug misery passes: bed bugs will once again be a problem of the poor — truly, and not just in the imagination of the public and in the prejudices of the ill-informed.

These are important questions.

It’s crucial that everyone understands that you cannot fight bed bugs in isolation. No matter what tools are at your disposal (and Renee points us to a new service offering bed bug prep in NYC), you can’t make this problem go away for you, for good, unless it goes away for everyone else.

When it comes to eliminating bed bugs, we are all interdependent, as this blog has been insisting since October, 2006. You might get rid of your bed bugs, but if someone in your building or neighborhood, or someone in your boss’s building or your kid’s school or your cleaning lady’s train route has them, you can get them again.

To win the bed bug fight, and stem the tide of this epidemic, we have to fight everyone’s bed bugs, not just our own.

To use Jessica’s catchphrase, “we are all in this together.”

I know you’ll want to read the rest of Renee’s post here: Preparation, money, and the shortening of the window to act — New York vs Bed Bugs.


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