Interview with Paul Wenning of The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force

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Renee Corea of New York vs. Bed Bugs has another new interview — this time with Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force (COBBTF) Chair Paul Wenning of the Franklin County Board of Health

New York vs Bed Bugs: We are very impressed with the task force and understand it’s a volunteer organization?

Paul Wenning: We’ve known it was just a matter of time before bed bugs became a large problem in Greater Columbus. I had a series of conversations with officials from Cincinnati and Hamilton County (Greater Cincinnati) in the early autumn of 2008, and the astronomical rise in the number of cases there over a five year period convinced me that we had to take action and quickly. I began conversations with Dr. Susan Jones, from the Ohio State University Extension Office, who is also a leading expert on bed bugs. We quickly created a Bed Bug Summit, to which representatives of the City of Columbus, the suburbs, and County agencies were invited. It was well attended, and at the end of the program, I asked for volunteers to help establish a Bed Bug Task Force for Columbus and Franklin County. We held our first meeting in November, and I set forth a series of goals and objectives for the group to discuss.

I know you’ll want to read the rest:

The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force: an interview with Paul Wenning — New York vs Bed Bugs.

1 buggybitten January 8, 2010 at 5:53 pm

I have a bed bug problem and have contacted couple of PCO’s. One of them says that i have to drill holes into all the rooms that need to be treated and another one says that he doesnt have to because he is using some latest method of treating.

Has anyone got treated the house, and what do you think is the recommended way?

2 nobugsonme January 12, 2010 at 12:27 am


There are valid reasons for drilling holes in the wall (which your prospective PCO is likely going to fill with dusts) and plenty of valid treatment methods which don’t involve this.

Please come to the forums to discuss possible treatment methods further:

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