Minnesota Multi-Housing Association warns Mankato, Minnesota housing managers of bed bugs’ imminent arrival

by bedbugger on March 19, 2009

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Even in places where bed bugs are just starting to appear, some housing managers are fortunately being warned of their imminent arrival.  Dan Linehan writes in the Mankato Free Press:

A pair of pest control experts were in Mankato [Minnesota] Wednesday to hold a class on bed bugs. It was organized by the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association, a trade group for managers of multi-unit housing.

We’ve mentioned the MMHA before. The article continues:

They said bed bugs are making a comeback, and it’s only a matter of time before they become more common here.

“It is a train rolling down the track that nobody knows how to slow down at this time,” [Stacy] O’Reilly [president of Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc.] said.

She brought three dead bed bugs that had been plucked from a Mankato bedroom by a Plunkett employee en route to identification in the Twin Cities.

Of the two dozen or so attendees, about six raised their hands when asked if they’ve had bed bug problems. But at a similar class in Bloomington, O’Reilly said, 99 of 100 people raised their hands and the lucky one buried her face in her palms and groaned.

(Emphasis mine.)

When there’s “a train rolling down the track,” as O’Reilly puts it, the lucky ones are the ones who know it’s coming.

Mankato, Minnesota: I first heard that name as a kid, when it was the big city Laura Ingalls and her family were always riding off to in “Little House on the Prairie.”

Along with illness, the hardships of the upper midwestern winters, the annoying Olsen woman and her pesky daughter Nellie, you just know the Ingalls clan had to have suffered bed bugs at some point too.  Like everyone else.


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