Wednesday’s New York City Council vote on the Bed Bug Advisory Board: it passed!

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The New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board bill (Intro. 57a) was passed yesterday!

This fox segment preceding the vote Wednesday was just a sample — there was a lot of press, from Fox and Newsday to the Canarsie Courier.

The New York Press was clearly too traumatized to post an actual bed bug photo, so they posted a picture of the furry faux Bed Bug plush (from Giant Microbes).

Alas, sneaky Simes is way, way uglier than that.

This clip from WNYC about the passing of the bill has Gale Brewer saying, “it’s not the final nail in the coffin of bed bugs in our city, it’s the first nail…”.

Bring it on!

Congratulations to Gale Brewer and the other council members who sponsored and supported Intro. 57a which called for the Bed Bug Advisory Board.

Congratulations also to Renee Corea and my other fellow founders and members of New York vs. Bed Bugs, who worked hard to raise awareness about the importance of the bed bug issue (and the need for a Bed Bug Task Force) among council members, as well as other local officials and elected representatives.

Thanks to all those who testified at the New York City Council Hearing a few weeks back, and of course to everyone who wrote, called, or visited their elected representatives.

We hope the appointments to New York City’s new Bed Bug Advisory Board include some of the best local entomologists who study bed bugs and can speak knowledgeably of the scope and complexities of the bed bug problem, and of the best possible courses of action the city might consider.

I know I still owe you some notes from two weeks ago. Alas, they’re dated now, but I still intend to share some snippets. I’ve been busy and had some back trouble of late, so it’s had to go on the back burner. Stay tuned!

1 TONY MONTANA March 13, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Come on for real? Like politicians are now proffesional exterminators? Be for real. Wow a bed bug advisory board. More goverment waste. Sheshhh. This is ridiculous. But hey u ask for it so there you have it. Wanna know wat i do for bed bugs? Get yourself a bottle of Denorex with coal tar shampoo, you know the shampoo for your dermatitis? Anyways let me tell you all a story. A little over 2 years ago my duaghter came home with lice in her hair. Dont ask me how she got it. I suspect the public school. Anyways the school nurse told her mother to get some over the counter poison and apply to her hair. Yes you all know what that stuff is, its friggin poison, So im telling myself “NO FRIGGIN WAY IM GONNA PUT POISON ON MY DAUGHTERS SCALP” hell what does the stupid school nurse knows anyways? Shes just following guidelines. Duhhh idiots. Back to the story. So I got online and i dug and dug and dug. Man i learned soo much about lice in days it was friggin insane. I literally learned their life cycle, from egg to nymph to adult and so fourht. THATS THE KEY learning how to control any bug infestation. So hears the crazy part. I concocted a mayonnaise mix with olive oil and crushed garlic. let it sit in her hair for 2 hours. Ahhh i wasnt too satisfied with the result. but i did some damage to the lice anyhow, but unfortunatly they came back. So I got the gears in my brain grinding again and read somewhere that lice hate zinc. Infact it actually kills them on contact. So I went to a pharmacy looking for a shampoo that contained zinc. lo and behold I got a bottle of Denorex with coal tar. I was determined to find an alternative for sure. Poison is poison kn matter how litely you put it. Anyways i washed her hair with denorex for 5 minutes, that stuff makes your scalp tingle like crazy. and as im washing her hair, OMG it was literally raining lice on the tub floor. I could not belive it. So i washed her hair again 3 days later for a total of 2 weeks of washing and my daughter was lice free for good. Incredible!!!!!! I jumped for joy. Man after going though this I just cant imagine how people take shortcuts and listen to a school nurse on how to handle this kind of stuff. All you need is the energy to educate yourself and it will make all the difference. Enough of that story. Now for the real interesing part. I just started getting these little blood suckers in my house. Yeah bedbugs. Dammit i said to myself. Wat da fck am I gonna do? I snared 2 of those little suckers and put them away in a plastic container. Sealed it shut!!! Im cracking my head on how to go about this. Then I remembered that bedbugs are parasites right? Just like lice are parasites. Any insect that likes to suck on your blood is a parasite. Got the gears grinding again in my brain. Then it hit me. DENOREXXXXXXXX. I took a very small amount with an equal amount of water to try an experiment. Shook the bottle well for a minute. Now for the ultimate test. I opened the container. I screamed “I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!!!!!!” Then i spareyd away. Guess what. By the time was about to pull the trigger on my spray a 3rd time the little fkcrs died instantly. I said NOOOOO WAY HOLY CRAP. Denorex killed them on contact. Amaizing discovery in my part and alll this researching on my own. Im in the process of spraying my whole apartment with denorex. Om getting ready to spary my sofas and bed. Remember, the key is knowing their lifestlye from eggg to nymph. If you learn that then it shuold be alot easier getting rid of the little bastards. You might think that sounds crazy but its much safer to me than pesticides in your home. You should see some of the side effects of those pesticides. Pretty scary. So I tell you all tell those dumb ass politicians you dont need a bed bug taskforce, lol soo ridiculos and all of u get inovative on your own. Get yourselves a few bottles of denorex and spray away!!!!!!!

Please test it for yourself and see the results

Oh By the way did I mention I used to be a pest control operator for 6 years?
happy hunting guys.

P.S. Not a single penny of taxpayer money went into this experiment.
Thank you for reading my post and I hope this information helps you all out

2 nobugsonme March 16, 2009 at 1:12 am


You may have been a PCO for eight years, but apparently you don’t know the difference between lice (which live on a person’s scalp and so can be killed with a shampoo) and bed bugs (which don’t live on people).

Thanks, though. If I start a website called, I will definitely include your helpful tip!

Oh, and why does everyone reject the Bed Bug Advisory Board idea as an example of “government waste”?

If you actually read the Bill (Intro. 57a) and you will find that the participants on the Advisory Board are not being paid to take part.

3 Michael A. Deutsch M.S., BCE March 16, 2009 at 12:44 pm

Good day,
I would like to get more information of the committee appointment of a local Entomologist. I am a board Certified Entomologist and have a master of science degree from CUNY Hunter in Environmental and Occupational health and safety. I am currently working at Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. Lynbrook, NY. As a working Urban Entomologist, I write the protocols for our bed bug abatement work and actively participate in the intervention. I have written the specifications for our residential, commercial and institutional clients. I have been in the field for over 30 years and have consulted for Columbia University and Mount Sinai Hospital regarding cockroach asthma issues. I would like to participate in this effort. Should you need to contact me my office phone is 516 593-7770 ext 132. Thank you very much.

Michael A. Deutsch M.S., BCE
Board Certified Entomologist
Industrial Hygienist

4 nobugsonme March 16, 2009 at 4:03 pm

HI Michael Deutsch,

While we have pushed for the creation of the Bed Bug Advisory Committee, we don’t have any jurisdiction or influence over it. Perhaps the Mayor or whoever else is responsible will see this. But you might want to get in touch with his office directly, since that’s a long shot.

Many well-known local entomologists who specialize in bed bugs have been active in the campaign for the Bed Bug Task Force (now Advisory Committee); several spoke at the recent City Council Hearing on Intro. 57 and they would doubtless be excellent additions to it.

5 JLG127 March 20, 2009 at 9:48 am

well denorex…hairspray…shaving cream…pyrethrins…yeah they might all kill or drown a bed bug, however it’s the CONTACT of the chemical with bed bugs that escapes most people. Coverage and residual. And coal tar isn’t all that benign, it’s a carcinogen. I would never use it on my child.

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