Bed bugs in Hospital Hustle

by nobugsonme on January 7, 2009

in bed bugs

This is a bed bug sighting by a reader, “Sammie,” who was playing the computer game Hospital Hustle (a.k.a. Sarah’s Emergency Room).

This is a hospital management simulation game, and the following screen shot represents (as I understand it) a hospital bed, something you can “buy” as a player.

Of the game, IGN says:

Sarah’s Emergency Room is a time management and hospital simulation game where players take on the role of a young nurse, caring for patients in fast-paced hospital environments.

Check out Sammie’s screenshot:

bedbug game

If they only have 25% fewer bed bugs than last year’s model, they need to get more consistent bed bug treatment.

Thanks to Sammie for sharing this bizarre bed bug sighting, and for emailing me the screenshot!


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