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The NYC Pest Control Operator known as KillerQueen on our Bedbugger Forums is, in fact, John Furman, who runs Boot-a-Pest.

The hardest working bed bug activist and blogger, Renee Corea, did a nice in-depth interview with him over on New York vs. Bed Bugs.

Furman’s magic secret may be his belief in careful, detailed inspections:

The inspection for bed bugs takes time. Not 10 or 15 minutes either. My inspections for low level infestations take an hour and a half or more. I don’t do free inspections and if you have a problem, I will usually find it. I turn furniture upside down, I remove the batting on your box spring, and I spend a half hour just looking at your bed. I check behind pictures, pull the edges of carpeting up, etc. This type of inspection and service I can’t do for free.

But the importance of a thorough inspection is paramount. I have done inspections for people suffering from fleas, carpet beetles, etc. they insisted they had bed bugs but no evidence proved there suspicions. They were confident in my findings and moved on to resolve the true problem at hand.

Many PCOs will search for bed bugs, but readers regularly report their inspections lasted for fifteen minutes or less. Some people watch as a PCO pokes around for ten minutes before declaring them “bed bug free.”

Some people, of course, don’t have bed bugs. But the industry really needs to face the fact that cursory “inspections” won’t do.

The next step for many who have such a cursory inspection, but who cannot determine any other reason for their skin problems, is to bring a bed bug k9 team in to inspect. And dogs can be a real help in many cases.

Here’s the problem: if your dog alerts to bed bugs, but the PCO who subsequently comes in to treat still does not inspect carefully, won’t it be difficult to make sure all harborages are detected and treated?

Be sure and read the rest of Renee’s discussion with John Furman, here.

1 bren July 19, 2009 at 7:11 am

I have read so much about you and I really need your help. My entire building is infested with bed bugs. The landlord keeps treating with exterminators that don’t work and I’m trying to help her out by getting someone who knows what their doing. Its been over two months and now I’m getting bitten even more. Please email me your phone number
to my email address: I figure if my unit is treated well then maybe we could use your service for the rest of the apts.

2 MARIE February 22, 2010 at 11:26 am

I live in a apartment building, a few weeks ago I had a foam mattress pad on the bed i was having back problems so I removed the mattress cover but then I started waking up with itchy hands or feet, one morning i woke up and inspected my bed and found 3 tiny red bugs on my bed. my roommate called the super and they inspected the mattress and found a bb, the super called management and they hired a company called Global Exterminator, they sent a LONG list of thing for us to do before they would come, basically they said bag EVERYTHING, including books, clothes, takes things off walls, out of drawers, we did that for all the room except the kitchen and bathroom. every single room of my apartment is filled with large black bags, we can barely move, I bought a vinyl plastic cover and covered the bed and box spring. we were scheduled for 3 visits, had my second one and just got bit twice today and once the other day i am certain and once yesterday while moving around those black bags to vacuum.
I have a feeling that this treatment will not eradicate the problem. I expected a at least two team person to go through the apartment, but one guy shows up which is fine but he has a large container and starts squirting this pesticide stuff all round the corners we are suppose to leave when they arrive but they came early and we were trying to leave, he was done in ten minutes the first visit i was still here trying to get ready to leave and then he said he was done, I was shocked and you see that didnt really instill much faith in his thoroughness.
since then I have not seen a single bb, they have given us sticky traps but nothing, but I was bitten so they are still here, i am worried they might be in some of the bags I want to call in another company like bell environ. i know they use dogs and have a freezer agent they use, non toxic.

but I dont think management will pay for that

On another note I am also in the process fo looking for another apartment so the point is to eradicate them from my life before I moved on the next place dont need extra visitors

3 nobugsonme February 25, 2010 at 1:30 pm


Please get the company to keep coming until the problem is gone. If your bites and bed bug sightings are decreasing, then it is a sign bed bugs are being killed off. It is not unusual for people to need multiple treatments, spaced about 2 weeks apart.

In addition, people who have used Cryonite (the freezing agent you mention as a better alternative) have also reported needing multiple treatments.

Your treatment may be far from ideal but I would persist and talk to the landlord if you can about how long it is taking and also about whether attached neighbors (above, below, all sides) are being treated.

If you want to discuss this further please come to the Bedbugger Forums:

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