Excellent new podcast: Renee in conversation with David Cain

by nobugsonme on December 28, 2008 · 2 comments

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I don’t have enough time at this moment to do much commentary on this, but I want to point you to New York vs. Bed Bugs, where Renee of New York vs. Bed Bugs posted a new podcast with David Cain of Bed Bugs Limited (many readers will also know David from our Bedbugger forums, both for his knowledge of bed bugs and his sense of humor).

Among other things, the discussion covers David’s recent London Bed Bug Survey, and various types of bed bug monitors.

Thanks to Renee, and to David!

1 Doug Summers MS December 28, 2008 at 1:15 pm

Congratulations to Renee for another fine interview with a leading expert on the urban migration of bed bugs through one of the worlds best known cities.

I look forward to utilizing David’s passive bed bug monitors in the field.

The results of David’s preliminary analysis of public treatment data makes a strong case for tracking bed bug infestations with a central database.

Requiring licensed PMPs to report the locations of infestations to a central database will give public health authorities an early warning system to identify vectors, migration trends and the ability to focus educational resources on the identified areas.

With mandatory notification regulations we could start to gather accurate standardized data about the numbers of infestations and track the patterns of migration of publicly transmitted parasites throughout our communities in a timely manner.

I look forward to future installments about David’s progress with the data analysis…. and impending release of an affordable bed bug monitor that will be a major advance as an effective tool for the surveillance and detection of infestations for both professionals & consumers.

2 Renee December 28, 2008 at 2:08 pm

Thanks for your kindness, Nobugs. And thanks, Doug.

Tracking infestations with standardized reports (non-adversarial reports I might add) would be a great step forward. It is the problem of every statistical representation of bedbugs in any country, data collection is not standardized and not continuous or rational. I wonder if we’ll ever get there.

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