LiveJournal’s januarychill: a day in the life of someone with bed bugs

by nobugsonme on December 18, 2008

in bed bugs

This list of tweets from LiveJournal/Twitter user januarychill during the course of one day conveys just how consuming bed bugs can be to sufferers.

  • 06:23 Apparently i am violently allergic to bed bug bites. I look like i was pelted from chest to knees w rubber bullets at a protest.
  • 06:34 Even in Declan’s bed i did not sleep more than a collective hour all night out of itchy agony. This means war, you buggy bastards
  • (entries from 6:53, 7:58, 8:07 not included)
  • 17:24 Tomorrow, there shall be extermination!
  • 17:27 Looking at flights to Jamaica for February. Me and Dec are getting the [f word] outta dodge for a glorious 10 days.
  • (two entries from 18:03 not included)
  • 23:04 Will and I are doing late night anti-bedbug laundry. Also, we bought mustaches! Flickr for pics!

Waking up annoyed, calling the pest control folks, dreaming of an escape from home, and doing bed bug laundry: yes, januarychill’s tweets provide a window in on the typical bedbugger’s day.


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