People with bed bugs featured in “Grant a Wish” columns

by nobugsonme on December 16, 2008

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Both the San Jose Mercury News and the Stamford Advocate have a feature where they identify people in the community needing donors to “grant a wish” this holiday season.

The San Jose Mercury article I mentioned yesterday (about the San Jose Family Shelter) also describes a “Wish Book” request from the shelter:

Some of the mattresses and box springs had to go. But it’s been too expensive to trash all the wooden bunk beds and bed frames, which the bugs love to burrow in. Instead, the shelter crew has been taking apart the frames, spraying them down and letting the sun bake the creatures out of hiding, then spraying again.

For now, the bedbugs seem to have gone on hiatus, but [shelter executive director Trish] Crowder isn’t taking chances. She’s asking Wish Book readers to help her nonprofit buy heavy-duty metal beds — 70 bunks ($300 each) and 35 double beds ($300 each) and with mattresses for each ($100) — along with zip-up vinyl mattress covers ($15 each) and cotton mattress covers ($15 each).

This wish list roundup from the Stamford Advocate describes a woman needing assistance due to bed bugs,

No. 57: A recent bout with bedbugs has left Betty, 82, without a couch or comfortable chair in her apartment. A gift of $500 would allow her to replace the furniture she has lost.

If you’re in a position to help, then you can find the information on doing so by clicking the links to the paper in question. The main reason for my post, however, is to note that these requests give the public a small sense of the economic hit bed bugs can cause — beyond the cost of actual treatment — to those affected.

In these tough economic times, bed bugs can easily cause a person or an organization that is struggling financially to go over the deep end. Or at least to go without. Most people suffering from the financial effects of bed bug treatment, or related expenses (furniture replacement, commodity fumigation, moving), have nowhere to go to ask for help.

If we’re going to fight for change, people who have not had bed bugs need to be aware of the hardships — financial, emotional, and health-related stresses bed bugs cause to sufferers.


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