Tenants claim Manitoba Housing knowingly let someone move bed bug-infested items into building

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According to an article in the Selkirk Journal, tenants at 215 Eaton Ave. in Selkirk, Manitoba, claim they’re not getting swift help for their bed bugs.

And they claim management knew a new tenant was moving their bed bug-infested furniture into their building, and did nothing to prevent this.

According to tenants, Manitoba Housing has been painstakingly slow in taking care of the problem at the apartment complex at 215 Eaton Ave., allowing it to fester for weeks since the initial complaint was made. Tenants are also claiming that Manitoba Housing is at fault for the entire infestation, when they knowingly allowed an individual with pest-infested furniture to habitate in the building.

Manitoba Housing officials deny both of these accusations, and it’s difficult to know where the truth lies.

However, the article does convey some of the concerns tenants commonly have when their building is infested (a fellow tenant who does not take necessary precautions, concerns about how elderly and disabled people will manage preparations for treatment, etc.).

You can read the full article in the Selkirk Journal here.

1 this guy January 30, 2009 at 5:07 pm

I have a huge problem with someone in my building which Im sure is no stranger to you. Her name is __________ and she lives at _________.

[Rest of message deleted.]

Editor’s response:

Hi this guy,

This is just a blog about bed bugs. If you need to file a housing or legal complaint, you need to file this with the local authorities in Winnipeg.

Sorry I had to delete the rest of your message but you listed someone’s name, address, and made various allegations about them. Also, there was nothing bed bug-related in your post.

Good luck — I hope you will be able to find the right channels to sort out your problem with the neighbor.

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