Bed bugs infest New Rochelle cell block and three police cars

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New Rochelle police had to deal with a cell block infested with bed bugs three weeks ago, The Journal News reports (via The cell block was treated.

But then bugs turned up in three radio cars from different tours, including a car used for a daytime tour of duty yesterday. The car was taken out of commission for 24 hours so it could be fumigated, he said.

Last week an officer on the midnight tour complained of being bitten, he said.

As a precaution the men’s locker rooms were also fumigated on Friday. That was because a bug could drop off a uniform and get onto clothing when an officer is changing and be carried home, Kealy said.

The original bed bugs must have come in on a prisoner, he said. While the county jail said they did not have “a massive infestation,” it only takes one person to carry in the bugs and create a problem, Kealy said.

While it’s true that bed bugs spread easily and could easily be brought in by someone else, I think it ought to be said that not just prisoners, but anyone who enters the area could have brought bed bugs into the cell blocks. They could even travel over from another location, though it does not sound like other parts of the station were infested.

Officers and other staff should have their homes inspected too. Anyone who works there could have brought bed bugs in, or brought them home with them from work.

And officers and other staff should be aware that they might not react to bed bug bites — other areas and more cars may need treatment, and — unless “fumigation” refers to vikane gas fumigation — treatments generally need to be repeated before bed bugs are sent packing.

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