Happy New Year, from bed bug central

by nobugsonme on January 1, 2008

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Toronto’s The Star included bed bugs in its “A Salute to 2007” (a round-up of significant events of the year”:

Drugs poured into the city, guns poured into the city, bedbugs poured into the city: Snort, shoot and scratch.

The Daily News article was picked up by everyone from The Register (an IT website), to Gothamist, to the National Review, to Sean Hannity’s web forums (where–in perhaps the most stupid and original version of the bed bug blame game–Hillary is being blamed), to the Telegraph (UK), and on and on.

The comments on many of the above articles suggest many people still think that washing sheets (or people) will keep them away, that there are miracle sprays that work, that they’re either microscopic like scabies or 3/4 inch long like a large German cockroach, that your neighbors must have them because they came from another country, and that staying away from NYC will keep you bed bug-free.  All wrong.

If you have bed bugs, I hope they’re gone soon. If you don’t, please learn more about them. Maybe our FAQs will help, or one of the links in our sidebar.


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