More on Canada’s laws re: bed bugs and tenants: province by province

by nobugsonme on August 24, 2007 · 4 comments

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Our FAQ on who pays for tenants’ bed bug treatment just got a little more complete. Since this is a really helpful resource, I am blogging it too.

Courtesy of the CBC’s links from its fine story on bed bugs (which remains the best television clip on bed bugs to date, hands down, in my humble opinion), a rundown on who pays for tenants’ bed bug treatment according to Province. It is really complicated. I am not even going to try and paraphrase it.

However, the easy thing to say is that the law is pretty much on the tenant’s side in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia. Nevertheless, folks in those areas should read the information on your location; it is definitely not always cut and dried, and you have responsibilities as well as rights. Seek legal advice or advice from a tenant’s organization in your area if you need help understanding the laws the CBC page links to.

In most other areas, the responsibility for paying for bed bug treatment varies a great deal Province by Province and according to the situation.

Yes, you guessed it: they want to play the blame game.

In some places it depends on whether the tenant can prove they did not bring bed bugs into the apartment, in others it depends on whether the landlord can prove tenants did bring them in. In still others, arbitration is provided where tenants and landlords cannot come to an agreement.

1 hopelessnomo August 24, 2007 at 1:32 pm

This is very useful, Nobugs, I’m sure it will help many people.

2 crystal mclean September 25, 2007 at 12:34 pm

I have a question-what do you do when you are employed at a hotel that has bedbugs and the chambermaid is the one that exterminates? Does she report the bedbugs to anyone? Is there a law where certain people are place in rooms that contain bedbugs and the beds/bedding are not being changed- please email me back-Does this person have rights?

3 nobugsonme September 25, 2007 at 1:02 pm


I think what you’re asking is, if someone is working for a hotel, and know that the chambermaid is being asked to skip changing beds, and is being asked to apply pesticides, and are aware of a bed bug problem that is not being abated–what should he or she do?

I am not a lawyer. I have a hunch there are laws about bedding being changed in hotels. If I were working in a place where this was not the case, I would call the health department. I would ask if a complaint could be given in confidence, since I was afraid of losing my job. I have a hunch they would be glad to hear from you, and would take steps to get the information without endangering your job.

Hotels are inspected every day, and I don’t think the health dept. would have to give a reason, so they may be able to turn up and look around and will likely find violations.

It is my understanding that in some circumstances and locations, the person applying pesticides must be trained and licensed to do so. I can’t speak to your local laws, but the health dept. may find it interesting that the chambermaid is applying pesticides.

Of course, I can’t promise your job would be safe. But then you try to avoid working, long-term, at a hotel that doesn’t give a toss about bed bugs. Since it will be a matter of time before you take them home with you.

If the legal aspect worries you, you can try to get a free initial consultation with a lawyer.

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