Freehold, NJ Social Service agency asks county for money to treat bed bugs

by nobugsonme on July 14, 2007 · 2 comments

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Bed bug news, even the important stuff that can make a difference, is often considered unimportant, and squeezed into a paragraph under the bottom of an article on something else. reported Friday
that in Freehold, NJ,

Keith Hamilton said that bedbugs have returned to some local social-service facilities and asked if the county can make money available to help smaller organization exterminate them. Hamilton said his employer, SERV Behavioral Health System Inc., must spend $200,000 to exterminate the insects at one facility after they were brought in by someone who stayed at another facility.

Hamilton said the extermination costs may be too much for smaller organizations. He noted that bedbugs can return after exterminations if they continue to live in other local facilities. Mair said county legal staff would review the county’s options.

That’s all they wrote. And you have to scroll right down under the article on fireworks to read it.

But it’s important news. Governments will have to assist both social service agencies–and, in my opinion, landlords and homeowners–because otherwise, bed bugs will continue to spread at an alarming rate.

And remember, an infested social service facility does not just spread bed bugs to other facilities (via clients who move around). It spreads them to workers and their families.

I am not sure if what kinds of facilities are included in SERV’s work, but consider this: when people who are homeless, or in need of a detox center (or in need of health care of other kinds) hear that the facilities are infested with bed bugs, they are less inclined to seek assistance there. This means, for example, more homeless people sleeping out, at greater physical danger to themselves, or people who need mental health or drug treatment services staying away from treatment. It hurts them, and it affects everyone else.

Remember, with bed bugs, we’re living in a matrix, a web. We’re all interconnected and the bed bugs are going to show just how closely, by moving from one place to another. If we don’t make sure everyone can pay to have their bed bugs eradicated, more and more of us will end up becoming infested.

1 nyjammin July 14, 2007 at 5:59 pm

Hooray if this government funding gets approved. I’m not sure, but quoting that “at one facility after they were brought in by someone who stayed at another facility.” seems to me it sounds like a shelter?? I hope along with the funding that education will be implemented to the people utilizing SERVs services about how to get rid of bbs and not to get others infested, the signs in case no signs of biting, etc.

2 hopelessnomo July 14, 2007 at 7:42 pm

You know, when Adam Voiland took the trouble to inform us in the forums that bedbugs are not, after all, avian flu, I wondered whether he is even aware of these stories? Are these situations registering or is it like when Jerome Goddard, that Mississippi health official, said that ‘most of us’ won’t get bedbugs? If only he were right.

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