Report Bed Bugs to 311

by nobugsonme on July 13, 2007

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Report Bed Bugs to 311

Originally uploaded by Donnie C.

The sign above was found in Astoria, NY by photographer Donnie C.

What is great is that people are spreading the word about calling 311 to report bed bugs.

What’s not great is that someone scrawled under this flyer:

“Cleaning your apartment is also a good idea. Also pick a temperature when taking a shower. Also, clean up your dog s$%. K, thanks. bye.”

Now, obviously someone was trying to be funny.

But it’s also a sign that people don’t get that bed bugs strike clean homes as well as dirty, and that no amount of showering in any temperature will rid you of them.

Astoria, Queens is seriously infested. Anyone living there should know the basics about bed bugs. That’s why we need public education campaigns.

And if the city won’t do it, will you?


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