Government money needed to help people pay for bed bug treatment

by nobugsonme on June 18, 2007

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According to this article in TownOnline, the Allston-Brighton Community Development Corporation has announced that its grants to people with bed bugs (to help pay for treatment) have run out for this fiscal year. Their program is state-funded, and they’re hoping for more funds.

The ABCDC is the only group in Massachusetts that helps people pay for treatment. Boston, surrounding towns, and especially Allston-Brighton, has a serious bed bug epidemic.

We’ve covered the ABCDC’s bed bug prevention and treatment efforts before. We think they’re awesome.
It’s just sad that more help is not available. If governments (local, state, federal) and corporations want to stop the spread of bed bugs, more help is needed for homeowners, landlords, and renters. If people can’t pay for what’s needed to get rid of bed bugs, they will eventually spread to everyone. I’d like to see the government helping people directly, but until then, I hope more community / social service agencies will step forward and build on the ABCDC model. And I hope people will fund them.

Thanks to Keets for pointing us to the article!


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