80% of Single Room Occupancy units in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are infested with bed bugs; also Rensselaer Polytechnic’s dorms

by nobugsonme on March 31, 2007 · 4 comments

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Two bed bug newsbites:

From Vancouver 24 Hours:

The majority of low- income single-occupant rooms in the Downtown Eastside are infested with bed bugs, according to a report from the City of Vancouver. Environmental health officers inspected 3,100 DTES hotel rooms and found 80 per cent had bed bugs. The city hopes to expand a small pilot project educating residents and hotel owners about the critters.

This refers to the story we featured yesterday, though I don’t think we had that statistic on how many rooms were inspected and what percentage of them infested.

Also a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dorm is infested, as the Polytechnic Online reports:

Overall, fourteen students were affected by the bed bugs and had to be relocated temporarily while their rooms were sprayed down. The three rooms directly affected were fumigated on March 15 and 16, while the other rooms were sprayed on March 19, because there were students with exams and it was more convenient to wait for the precautionary measures, according to Jerry Faiola, Director of Environmental and Site Services. Six rooms were fumigated on the third level of the building as were all of the second floor rooms. All the rooms were also marked with signs explaining what was happening.

The students had to bag all their clothes and have them cleaned in hot water, as well as move all their belongings into storage, so that the fumigator could get into the baseboards and other crevices easily. Two of the beds in the nine rooms fumigated were discarded because the drawers on the bottom served as a harbor for the bed bugs.

Students were relocated to other areas on campus, or moved in with friends for the few days they weren’t allowed in the rooms. “It was just better that we dealt with the other rooms now rather than have something happen during finals, or a time when it would be really inconvenient,” said Diodato.

The article says the PCO inspected units above and below (though does not mention whether there were any units on the side, which also should be carefully inspected). In any case, I hope they will follow up with inspections and further treatment, since one professional treatment is almost never enough.

1 parakeets April 2, 2007 at 1:08 pm

I wonder if the percentage of rooms with bedbugs could actually be even higher than 80%? If they found evidence of infestation in 80% of the rooms, there must also be some rooms they went into where they didn’t find evidence, but bedbugs might have been lurking anyway.

2 nobugsonme April 2, 2007 at 2:45 pm

Good point.

3 has to where sandles in the shower August 13, 2008 at 7:27 pm

I would agree with parakeets initial comment. Living on the downtown east side and knowing, meeting or just seeing the people affected i also realize while two people may live in a space that has not yet reached infestation levels one may contain bites often while the other doesn’t. This entails that while being down here you may have bed bugs and not even know or show any signs because they are not feasting on you. These single occupancy buildings, which are usually older buildings only need one person living in them who has a friend that drops by for a visit, that may or may not bring eggs or a pregnant bug with them. This is the issue as why it gets so bad down here. On the internet it is pretty easy to find stories about people living in a single occupancy room with like 4 or 5 people who are all addicted to drugs. You must consider that that environment is a haven for the bugs, expecially if these people are on downers get high (or low..lol) and are way to inhibited to for one; clean, but two even consider anything that isn’t within the realm of their high. I’m not ignorant i understand that theres usually an exception. A lot of what i’ve noticed that i really don’t think you will find in reports because you gotta be at the heart of it all for a while is that your common hard working individual alcoholic of the downtown eastside one day wares out, a while later they have hookers coming home to fill large voids and contract bed-bugs, from the smell of it i dont want to know what else. k i could go on a lot more but i wont because i know a lot of people that skip the spiel.

4 nobugsonme August 13, 2008 at 11:12 pm

has to where sandles in the shower,

Why are you spoofing the content of these contents onto your blog? Remove them at once, please.

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