The Cluster Map

by nobugsonme on March 7, 2007

in bed bugs, meta

I am fascinated by the Cluster Map (right sidebar at top): it’s only been tracking the location where people are logging on since the 11th of February. If you look at the normal view, it appears that the US is soon to be enveloped by large red dots. Click “Navigation –> Map with smaller clusters” at the top to see a more specific view of where those readers are.

All in all, Clustermap is fun, but not too informative; smaller dots mean 1-9 readers, and larger dots signal lots of visitors. You can see larger dots even on the map with reduced size dots, and those must mean lots of readers indeed. You can see a big dot in London, one in Stockholm, so many in the NY area they are layered. Hawai’i is completely sunk under the weight of our readers. (I guess the Bedbugger on the island of Reunion off of Madagascar was afraid of coming back too often and causing the same effects there, hence one dot.)

Can someone tell us definitively what city is in the top of the central region of Canada (the highest dot in the center of North America)? Either there are quite a lot of bed bugs there, or perhaps you have a massive national ISP located there.

I hope to have more informative and more useful tools, including more maps and a forum, for easier ongoing discussions, when we roll out a new site. Watch for it!


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