If this couch could talk…

by nobugsonme on October 9, 2006

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Couch w/bedbugs

Originally uploaded by estace.
This couch was photographed by estace, and posted on flickr.com. Click here to see a larger photo, with the writing.

It has a sign reading,

I’ve got bed bugs:
Good luck!

— couch

As if the couch would say that.

At Bedbugger, we know the couch would say, “somebody slash me up into pieces so no one else will suffer.” If it could talk, which it can’t.

It was found in Brooklyn, NYC.

Please, please: if you throw out infested mattresses, other furniture, slash it up with a boxcutter so no one will want it.

The news is riddled with articles about bed bug sufferers, and they often say they tossed things out labelled like this (or in many cases, with the warning clearly spray-painted directly on the item, in neon paint); over and over again, people report the items disappearing, anyway, and fast.


And don’t think you’re merely doing the right thing by your neighbors and keeping them bed bug free. Yes, you are, of course. It’s the right thing to do. It’s going to take a lot of co-operation to solve this epidemic.

But when you make sure your infested stuff does not come back into your building, you’re also saving yourself the hassles of reinfestation. If your bed bug infested stuff comes back in the building, it is a matter of months or years before those monsters are back in your apartment.

And in your new sofa, that you’ll get one day. When you think this is all in the past.


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