Landlord won’t tell new tenants you have bed bugs?

by nobugsonme on October 7, 2006

in activism, bed bugs, california, photos, usa

Try this. It’s a photo of a sign (presumbly in an apartment window) in Oakland, CA, that says “Bedbugs here”.

It’s actually a great idea if you have bed bugs and people are moving into your building not knowing this. Most landlords won’t tell new tenants. Some landlords won’t do anything about bed bugs in the building. So take matters into your own hands. Let the world know your building needs help. Maybe then the landlord will do something, instead of letting the problem continue and spread to new people who move in.

Note: I politely asked the photographer if I could use this photo in the blog’s banner (explaining our purpose). She blocked me from all further communication. Chalk that up to another person who “doesn’t want to know” about bed bugs.


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